GQA Environmental is Ireland’s leading specialists in the design and verification of permanent ground gas/VOC and waterproofing protection systems. 

The company originally began in January 2013 as MEC Environmental Ireland, concentrating solely on ground gas protection validation.  GQA became involved in the assessment of site risks and providing design solutions for projects where Radon, Carbon Dioxide, Methane or VOCs were of concern.    

In late 2014 the company changed its name to GQA Environmental, Geo-Environmental Quality Assurance, encompassing the wider portfolio of geo-environmental services which will be available in the future.

We currently offer the following services:

  • Independent validation services, including site specific validation plans
  • Integrity testing of seam joints and leak detection/pin hole testing to full areas of membrane on permanent ground gas/VOC and waterproofing protection systems
  • Full design of permanent ground gas/VOC and waterproofing protection systems
  • Lean design options on existing design
  • Active ventilation system disconnection
  • Gas membrane installation training
  • CPD seminars



Our inspection engineers have completed gas membrane installation quality control of inspection and validation of gas membrane installations (BGA – British Geomembrane Association) and Inspection of polymeric seams (TWI  - The Welding Institute).  As a company we have been on the steering committee of CIRIA C716 (2012) Remediating and mitigating risks from VOC vapours from land affected by contamination and CIRIA C735 (2014) Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems for buildings against hazardous ground gases.



“We have used GQA Environmental on our recent housing projects for design of gas barriers and providing integrity testing and validation of the gas membranes on completion. We have found their service and advice on contaminated land extremely professional and we look forward to using GQA on future projects.”

Cornelius Ward – Contracts Manager – Kevin Watson Group Ltd