A key part of any permanent ground gas, VOC and waterproofing systems’ performance is the design. Due to the changing nature of construction contracts, the responsibility of design depends on the type of contract. With design and build contracts, a separate design is required and needs to be covered by relative professional indemnity. At GQA Environmental we can deliver a full design of the protection measures required specific to the risks posed on site. Our in-house team and specialist partners are experts in ground gas assessment and the design of gas mitigation measures. We have significant experience in designing for all types of development including residential, educational, commercial and industrial facilities.

Lean Design

There have been a lot of changes to legislation over the last couple of years for sites with permanent ground gas and VOC contamination present. Due to a lack of understanding, many sites have onerous gas protection measures specified and installed when in reality the site poses little or no risk. GQA Environmental can review site investigation data and in many cases reduce or eliminate the need for protection measures to be installed.

Working with our partners, GQA Environmental can deliver design solutions for the successful management of permanent ground gas, combining technical expertise with an understanding of the associated practical constraints, legislative requirements and commercial demands.

Working as specialists within the overall design team our early involvement in the project evaluation facilitates our aim of providing a technically robust remediation design that incorporates both traditional and cutting edge proven technologies, thus ensuring that the preferred solution is appropriate, safe and cost effective.



“We complete a lot of our work in and around the M25 and London and we require full design on a lot of our gas protection systems. We have found working with GQA Environmental for design of ground gas/VOC and waterproofing protection systems to be of an excellent standard. While they have also offered our clients cost savings through their lean design options. Their work is of a high standard and are a pleasure to work with.”

Kevan Shotter – Director – UK Membranes