Case Study: Public Building, Waterford

GQA Environmental was named in the design of this site to independently validate the installation of a gas barrier and venting system.

This site had the inclusion of a Geocomposite venting system and a proprietary gas barrier installed above. The membrane was to be visually inspected by GQA Environmental as part of the design. The process of inspecting included:

  • Visually inspecting the Geocomposite ventilation strips and pipe work which had been laid underneath the gas membrane
  • Visually inspecting the taped seam joints in the gas membrane and probe testing where practicable
  • Visually inspecting all pipe penetrations and stanchion sealing details and probe testing where practicable
  • A thorough visual inspection over the installed membrane to check for damage or holes in the membrane

Any areas of damage or sealing failure were highlighted for remediation and repaired by the installation contractor. A report was provided to the client for submittal to the design team and local authority which is covered by relative insurance.