What We Do


GQA will provide you with professional design services to fall in line with best practice guidance documents.

Verification Strategy

GQA will provide risk assessed verification plans pre-construction to set out frequency of independent inspection, integrity testing requirements and CQA responsibilities.

Gas protection verification

GQA will implement the highest standards of visual inspections and integrity testing regimes on site in line with the plan set for site.


GQA can provide training services covering design and verification techniques used when working on contaminated land.


“At J Coffey Construction we apply the highest industry standards to ensure we provide our clients with the most professional construction service. We first engaged with GQA in 2016 to manage the verification on a data centre project in Co. Meath. Since then we have employed GQA to provide design and verification on numerous data centre projects. We find their services very professional and they are a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”

Dave Devereaux
Senior Project Manager – J Coffey Construction Ltd

“MEC Environmental takes pride in the quality of our services and professionalism shown to our clients. Where we require verification services in Ireland we engage with GQA as they maintain the same standards of verification as ourselves. Their verification and integrity testing services are carried out to the required industry standards and can provide us with CL:AIRE accredited verification reports.”

Mick Corban
Technical Director of MEC Environmental Ltd and Co-author of CIRIA C735: 2014

“EPG is a leading designer of gas mitigation systems in the UK and Ireland. Specifying the verification requirements for the installation is a vital part of our design. We need to specify verification consultants that we trust and can rely on to provide the best technical competence. Good verification of the installation minimises our liability as designers. When specifying verification services in Ireland, we work with GQA. We have worked with them for several years and their verification and integrity testing services are carried out to best practice industry standards. They can also provide our clients with declarations of conformance through the CL:AIRE Gas Protection Verification Scheme.”

Steve Wilson
Technical Director of EPG Ltd and Co-author of CIRIA C735: 2014.